Reskilling employees at scale is a major concern and priority for organizations worldwide. E3IQ presents extended reality solutions that blend traditional and advanced training methodologies for effective learning journeys. Explore how we shape an upward learning curve for employees using augmented and virtual reality technologies


Skill development with E3IQ employs RYZE virtual reality headsets and AR devices that accelerate and improvize employee training to develop technical and soft skills

Mobile AR/VR

Standalone VR Head Mounted Display (HMD) systems and AR models GH expansive training for employees across locations with 5G connectivity


E3IQ solutions use 3D and 360° videos and images for an immersive and interactive virtual training environment that intricately emulates real-world challenges and interactions

Gamified Learning

E3IQ’s VR-enabled software solution, AutoXR combines elements of gamification with various virtual training modules for maximum retention

Real-time Evaluation

Standalone VR Head Mounted Display (HMD) systems and AR models facilitate expansive training for employees across locations with 5G connectivity


70% Knowledge

Gamified learning management systems delivered through VR improve employees’ knowledge retention and recall capabilities significantly. E3IQ simplifies training in new tech, soft skills, and compliance with a module-based approach that incorporates stepwise instructions and collaborative exercises.

50% Reduced
Training Time

The immersive and interactive nature of VR training enables employees to absorb skills in shorter time periods as compared to reading manuals. E3IQ complements immersive VR training with haptic feedback functionality for immediate support and guidance to reduce training time considerably.

35% Operational Cost

VR training eliminates the need for physical setups and trainers to impart necessary skills efficiently. E3IQ’s enterprise kit enables organizations to train employees at scale with repeatable and reusable virtual scenarios. End-to-end automation of routine onboarding and skill development programs minimizes operational costs with notable margins


XR content blends real-world elements with virtual reality to deliver engaging and intuitive training experiences. The XR team at E3IQ produces seamless and interactive AR/VR content specific to industry skills to boost employee engagement and performance