We, at E3IQ, empower retailers to enhance customer shopping journeys with augmented and virtual reality technologies and applications. Our XR capabilities for retail management includes powerful VR HMDs, AR-based video streaming software, and customer-centric XR content and application development services. Backed by emerging AI technologies, our XR solutions achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty for retailers by delivering immersive shopping experiences across locations

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Dynamic Customer Expectations

Retailers struggle to map dynamic customer needs and preferences with outdated research techniques. Manual efforts fail to address customer pain points that require a granular understanding of shopping behavior

Gaining Customer Confidence

Lack of comprehensive product visualization discourages shoppers to complete sales with confidence. Poor image quality and visual constraints affect shopping decisions of online and offline customers

Unorganized Marketing Efforts

With inaccurate insights, decision-makers formulate unfocused retail marketing strategies. Ill-informed decisions lead to customer dissatisfaction that can significantly hamper sales and revenue


Virtual Merchandising

E3IQ offers RYZE virtual reality headsets and enterprise kit for retailers to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior. The VR headset’s 96-degree FOV enable retailers to conduct in-depth market research about the placement, assortment, and pricing of the products

AR-enabled Product

E3IQ’s XR software solution, RealXR harnesses AR and AI technologies to process and stream real-time 3D product videos across HMDs and smartphones. With XR content creation services, we provide AR-enabled product visualization with interactive virtual display to encourage purchase decisions among customers

XR-powered Marketing

With wide-ranging XR capabilities, E3IQ ensures formulation of effective marketing strategies for retailers guided by real-time analytics and experiential insights. Our mobile VR and AR solutions augment shopper engagement efforts to boost sales

Use Cases

E3iq offers implementation of XR in the military for training programs. This training may be a useful tool for the military as they can learn.

VR for Testing Planograms

Test product placement using E3IQ VR headsets to validate new planograms, point of sales, store concepts, etc.

AR-infused Shopping Experience

Provide interactive shopping experiences with AR-enabled applications to visualize and try out products before buying

Online and In-store Engagement

Immerse customers in AR and VR-based in-store navigation, treasure hunt games, and product exploration tours to captivate customer attention and boost sales