Research for E3IQ is a continuous propelling force to drive innovation, improve productivity, and foster technological disruption. Our R&D strategies are aimed at enabling digital transformation for global businesses by employing extended reality technologies and solutions. We are constantly exploring new frontiers of virtual and augmented reality for businesses to expand their technological capabilities significantly.

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5G+XR Live Streaming

E3IQ is making constant progress to realize the Industry 4.0 vision for enterprises to experience and deliver real-time XR content powered by 5G connectivity.

Custom VR&MR Hardware

We are conducting in-depth research to match diverse business requirements with custom VR and MR hardware for a more inclusive experience

Cloud Edge Computing-based VR Experiences

E3IQ is capitalizing on edge-cloud infrastructures to power high-end AR and VR performance with minimum latency for a truly immersive experience across locations

Software Hardware Integration

We are practicing rigorous testing cycles of AR/VR solutions across hardware variations such as camera, position trackers, and controllers for seamless software-hardware integration

Next-Gen Haptic Customization

Our R&D team is exploring the applications of consistent and customizable haptic feedback to enhance user engagement, interactions and immersion across AR & VR interfaces

Next-Gen XR Wearables and Peripherals

With extended reality expertise, we are working towards a future where AR/VR devices, smartphones, and intelligent computers will converge in a single XR wearable