The quality and efficiency of activities related to industrial maintenance, repairing, and monitoring are critical to manufacturing organizations. E3IQ offers enterprise-scale augmented reality(AR) solutions that streamline and enhance remote expert assistance. Learn how we improve collaboration and productivity across field services using extended reality solutions

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Remote assistance with E3IQ’s AR software solution empowers field workers and experts to execute operations efficiently

Field Service Assistance

E3IQ’s AR Remote Assistance software connects field workers with experts through smart devices to exchange work instructions for real-time asset and equipment management

Seamless Connectivity

AR software provides 5G support and HD VoIP to share knowledge and guidance with teammates across borders through frictionless video streams compatible across iOS and Android devices 

Interactive Live work instructions

AR-enabled video calls facilitate professionals to guide workers using interactive highlighters for marking and adding text to live views of real-world objects and equipment


Augmented reality transforms screen views into intuitive platforms with 3D representations of captured asset and equipment to resolve issues without extensive training


60% Increase in
First-time Fix Rates

Immediate and personalized remote assistance delivered through AR software enhances first-time fix rates for unskilled technicians. E3IQ eliminates fatal and financial risks by integrating multiple training functionalities such as checklists and interactive manuals for remote AR assistance 

50% Reduction in
Resolution Time

Step-by-step AR-powered work instructions decrease service resolution time for on-site and off-site operations significantly. E3IQ’s AR solution minimizes time-consuming travel and training expenses to improve maintenance and repair activities for various industrial operations

70% Improved

Intuitive layers of mark-ups, information, and instructions during AR remote assistance sessions are recorded to reuse for future scenarios. It enhances collaboration with over-the-shoulder field support that is accessible round the clock.


AR-enabled connectivity makes providing instant and precise guidance to on-field staff an efficient and productive task. With 3D visualization and 5G connectivity, E3IQ AR solutions simplify the tasks of observing and measuring staff performance to maximize productivity