E3IQ is a digital catalyst for global industries to experience the dawn of immersive computing. We employ extended reality technologies, namely augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) to propel growth across industries including oil and gas, automobile, and real estate. Our XR team combines emerging technologies such as AI with our line of AR and VR devices and software solutions to generate optimum value for diverse businesses

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Rising Carbon Footprint

Modern businesses struggle to comply with environmental regulations and responsibilities. Alarming carbon emissions from global industries is a major climate issue that demands technological disruptions

Widening Skill Gap

As technology evolves, industries need a skilled workforce capable of handling complex projects effortlessly. Training employees through traditional talent development programs involve considerable time and cost

Explosion of Data

Organizations eyeing big data analytics are yet to find efficient tools to extract meaningful insights from enormous data. Adoption challenges prevent businesses from realizing the true potential of data and analytics


Virtual Product Tours

In an effort to reduce global transport emissions, E3IQ offers standalone Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display (HMD) systems and enterprise kit. The VR headsets can be used to exhibit heavy machines and services across borders in a portable, affordable, and effective way

Immersive Workforce

E3IQ facilitates VR training for employees using AutoXR, our proprietary gamified learning management system for enterprises. The software harnesses immersive 360-degree visuals and videos to train the workforce for critical operations in a risk-free environment

AI-powered Predictive

E3IQ streamlines and accelerates efforts toward big data analytics with real-time predictive analytics software, RealXR. The solution combines AI and AR to visualize the status of business assets and equipment to initiate preemptive actions and reduce downtime