E3IQ strengthens mission-critical defense tasks with expansive XR training and simulation solutions. Our offerings encompass robust RYZE VR headsets and gamified VR training for immersive and efficient military drills and operations

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Overcoming Battlefield

Exposing new recruits and trainees to real battlegrounds involves fatal risks and mental trauma. Lack of time and cost-effective skill drills, mission rehearsals, and live exercises affect soldier performance

Identification of
Civilian Sites

Outdated and incomplete ‘No Strike List’ makes identifying protected civilian facilities such as hospitals and schools a challenge. Manually reviewing complex satellite imageries can delay strategic planning and actions

Preparation for Emergencies
and Attacks

Inefficient and expensive military training programs are obsolete in preparing soldiers for unplanned difficulties and attacks. Manual inspection is inaccurate and inconsistent at evaluating the performance of soldiers in real-time



Compact RYZE Headsets and Enterprise Kit

E3IQ offers standalone VR HMDs and Enterprise Kit to create simulated battlefield experiences for new recruits and soldiers. The wireless weapon controllers enable military personnel to combat battleground challenges with minimal risks

Simulated Training

E3IQ’s gamified learning management system, AutoXR provides an immersive experience for military training and mission rehearsals. The software is effective at training troops via single and multi-user virtual boot camp for Navy, Army, and Airforce operations

Use Cases

E3iq offers implementation of XR in the military for training programs. This training may be a useful tool for the military as they can learn.

Boot camp

Training recruits with specialized virtual programs for diverse scenarios supporting specific skill drills, physical fitness, and other defense exercises

Vehicle & Flight

Accelerate the adoption of complex machinery and heavy weapons with high-resolution VR experiences, motor sensations, and motions

Medic Training

Testing a soldier’s perseverance and resilience to cope with battlefield challenges using VR simulations