E3IQ designs and builds immersive XR content for the media and entertainment industry using augmented and virtual reality technologies. We are disrupting the dimensions of gaming and cinematic experiences with our exhaustive range of VR headsets, custom XR applications, and content creation services. Our team of XR professionals implements customer-centric methodologies to create interactive and scalable AR/VR content for optimum consumer satisfaction and ROI


Skill Development

Unskilled labor with limited technical knowledge slows down production and output. Manual training increases the operational cost and time while preventing manufacturers to match demands

Project Execution

Inflexible training tools and obsolete techniques delay order completion causing loss of potential revenue. Time, cost, and quality sensitive projects require advanced tools and technologies to deliver efficiently

Asset Evaluation

Heavy and complex manufacturing units require precise maintenance and evaluation. Traditional methods are failing to identify and fix minute asset failures leading to decreased throughput and increased safety hazards



XR-powered Storytelling

We combine our XR content creation and development capabilities with advanced VR hardware to capture compelling 3D content for the film industry. We optimize XR content for cross-platform performance to render high-quality 360° visuals

Social VR

SocialVR is E3IQ’s initiative to combat the physical and emotional challenges faced by brands and businesses to engage potential customers. With our custom XR application development services, brands can connect with customers through immersive and responsive VR-enabled participation during live events and exhibitions 

Immersive VR Gaming

E3IQ Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display systems provide an immersive and interactive gaming experience. Our headsets overcome in-home gaming constraints for single and multi-player games powered by 96° FOV and longer battery backup