Workplace safety is an important consideration for enterprises of all sizes and nature. E3IQ’s enterprise-scale augmented and virtual reality solutions provide the tools and mechanisms for better safety training. Discover how we strengthen employee safety for hazardous operations using extended reality technologies

How ?

E3IQ’s RYZE virtual reality headsets offer workers an immersive, risk-free, and supervised training environment to enhance their personal-safety


Wireless VR HMDs support natural movements with 96° FOV and haptic enabled controllers to face emulated scenarios in a realistic manner


With 2k fast LCD display, E3IQ VR headsets use 360° visuals and documents with bi-directional audio for an interactive exchange of instructions


E3IQ’s VR training software solution provides a module-based training process for comprehensive learning, performance, and evaluation


For large organizations, E3IQ offers an enterprise kit with a capacity of 8 VR HMDs for collaborative VR training experiences among workers and experts


95% Reduction in
Fatality Rates

VR-enabled safety training remarkably reduces potential fatalities and injuries at construction sites and manufacturing units. E3IQ’s VR software and hardware solutions emulate all basic and complex instructions in virtual environments to achieve near-zero workplace accidents.

80% Increase in
Safety Awareness

Immersive VR technology improves knowledge retention and safety awareness during emergency evacuations such as fire alarms and engine disassembly. E3IQ provides multisensory virtual environments that maximize employee engagement and willingness to follow safety guidelines effectively.

35% Savings in
Training Expenses

VR HMDs minimizes safety training expenses by eliminating physical equipment and trainers from the process. With step-by-step VR training modules, E3IQ lowers training expenditure for organizations across domains by offering industry-specific XR content creation and training facilities.

5X Training

The E3IQ standalone VR headset is a portable and convenient solution for organizations to deliver safety training at remote locations. Our objective is to make VR-based training accessible to maximum workers with minimum overhead costs and optimum outcomes