E3IQ provides XR services for manufacturing enterprises featuring augmented and virtual reality applications. Our immersive training, VR prototyping, and real-time predictive maintenance solutions enable manufacturers to fulfill production and maintenance requirements with efficiency and effectiveness

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Skill Development

Unskilled labor with limited technical knowledge slows down production and output. Manual training increases the operational cost and time while preventing manufacturers to match demands

Project Execution

Inflexible training tools and obsolete techniques delay order completion causing loss of potential revenue. Time, cost, and quality sensitive projects require advanced tools and technologies to deliver efficiently

Asset Evaluation

Heavy and complex manufacturing units require precise maintenance and evaluation. Traditional methods are failing to identify and fix minute asset failures leading to decreased throughput and increased safety hazards



Immersive VR Training

E3IQ offers gamified enterprise learning management software for workforce training and on-boarding. The system can be integrated with desktop and VR HMDs to rehearse critical asset handling for maximum knowledge retention and increased productivity

Real-time Predictive Maintenance

E3IQ accelerates preventive and predictive asset maintenance with RealXR. The software enables manufacturing enterprises to monitor asset functioning and provide remote assistance in real-time using AR and AI technologies.

Use Cases

E3iq offers implementation of XR in the military for training programs. This training may be a useful tool for the military as they can learn.

Training and On-boarding

Streamline knowledge sharing and skill development for employees with effective VR-enabled training and on-boarding applications

Detecting Asset Failure

Use data-driven insights combined with AR to improve first-time fix rates and reduce resolution time

Strengthening Workplace Safety

Ensure risk management with VR-enabled work instructions and safety guidelines to ensure minimum workplace accidents

Streamlining Remote Assistance

Render expert advice to remote locations with AR video streaming for better production