We, at E3IQ, enhance healthcare services and practices with XR-powered technologies and solutions. We combine emerging technologies with our augmented and virtual reality software and devices to streamline, improve, and accelerate various healthcare treatments effectively. Our extended reality team is skilled at integrating 3D medical imagery and elements for creating immersive and engaging VR/AR content and interactions

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Preventable Medical Errors

Misdiagnosis and unsafe medical care lead to an increase in adverse events across medical institutes every year. Medication errors due to improper equipment knowledge and poor communication among doctors cause irrevocable loss of healthy lives

Compromised Patient Safety

Lack of basic nursing care and emergency treatment at remote locations aggravate the number of avoidable deaths and disabilities. First-year doctors with limited experience compromise patient safety with unsafe injection, transfusion, and other medical practices

Surgical Complications

Healthcare institutes across the globe have witnessed a sharp rise in ill-informed surgical care and operations. It leads to the occurrence of severe post-surgery complications such as shock, bleeding, infections, and prolonged diseases


Remote Diagnosis

E3IQ offers RealXR, our software solution to execute remote diagnosis using augmented reality and AI technologies. AR-enabled video streams connect practitioners with seasoned doctors to administer treatment at remote locations with built-in analytics.

Patient Data Visualization

Our RealXR software solution provides 3D data visualization functionalities powered by big data analytics techniques. We capture healthcare-specific data to project interactive and well-organized analytics that enable doctors to derive real-time insights useful for the treatment.

Comprehensive Surgical Training

E3IQ’s VR training software, AutoXR adds significant value to healthcare training with an in-built gamified learning management system. The software curates 360° videos and images, and PDF documents to rehearse and master complicated surgical skills using VR visualizations and modules

use cases

E3iq offers implementation of XR in the military for training programs. This training may be a useful tool for the military as they can learn.

Immersive Treatment

Visualizing a patient’s blood vessels with 3D VR headsets for doctors to conduct successful surgeries and operations

AR for Vein Detection

Using laser light interaction with AR-infused devices to locate hidden veins in patients to prevent medical errors and complications

Medical Anatomy

Improve knowledge retention with VR technology to understand the effect of certain drugs and treatment on patients