ryze Enterprise Kit

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RYZE Enterprise Kit is an ideal enterprise-scale XR
adoption solution for storing multiple HMDs while
providing convenience, security, and portability

RYZE Enterprise kit is aimed to provide a good starting
point for enterprises to adapt Virtual Reality in their
business. The included hard case provides storage and
charges up to 8 RYZE HMDs when docked.
This provides a safe and portable storage solution for
their HMDs


Rugged Hard-case
for Storage and

Easily Portable

  • Storage

    The RYZE has a holding capacity for 8 RYZE VR headsets with its snug fitting contoured foam lining that is designed to handle motion and impact stresses

  • Charging Station

    In addition to being a robust HMD storage kit, it also serves as a charging station with organized storage for cables and power adapters

  • Easy Portability

    The 4-wheel trolley design provides the highest level of convenience and agility to transport VR HMDs. The wheels are made of high-quality silicone rubber for a firm grip

VR Use Cases

E3iq offers implementation of XR in the military for training programs. This training may be a useful tool for military as they can learn.


The RYZE Enterprise Kit effortlessly meets your on-field XR training requirements that involve rapid simulation and application activities. It provides the convenience you need in outdoor settings.


Demonstrations at consumer expositions and industry events are use cases where our enterprise XR kit is a perfect match. It enables handling multiple customer demonstration requests with efficiency and effectiveness