E3IQ’s extended reality products and services transform traditional educational practices. We provide standalone VR headsets, gamified learning software, and XR content and custom application development services that are ideal for classrooms, teachers, and EduTech organizations. With experiential knowledge in creating simulated experiences, our XR team is skilled at enhancing learning and development

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Subject Complexities

Imparting knowledge about complex subjects matters like science and mathematics using theoretical methodologies alone can be ineffective. Teachers struggle to explain complicated topics to learners without the right tools and techniques

Limited Creativity

Traditional classrooms limit the scope of creativity among children and grown-ups. The current education system is more inclined towards exam-oriented assessments rather than learning-oriented development

Constant Distractions

The short attention span of students and constant physical distractions prevent tutors to maintain seamless engagement. It affects knowledge retention and quality learning among students and teachers alike


VR-infused Classrooms

Our Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display system and software enhance the classroom infrastructure. We enable educational institutions to represent complex topics into simple concepts using 3D visuals and immersive videos for collaborative learning

Gamified Learning -AutoXR + custom XR applications

E3IQ provides gamified learning experiences for students and teachers with AutoXR, our proprietary software and custom XR application services. Our XR services can be integrated with desktop and VR HMDs to maximize learning and knowledge retention with creative XR content

Seamless Distance Education

E3IQ bridges the gap between remotely located teachers and students with RealXR, our AR and AI-powered software for remote assistance. Real-time AR-enabled video streams connect subject experts with students for frictionless knowledge sharing and better results

Use Cases

Classroom VR

Complementing lessons and topics with immersive experiences and 360° videos to engage students thoroughly

Development of Soft Skills

Improving communication skills among students of all age with VR and AR technologies to prepare them for future challenges

Architecture and design

Engineering students can practice architectural designs with high-resolution VR HMDs and AR software