E3IQ streamlines and safeguards critical operations across the airline and aerospace industry by employing extended reality. Our XR solutions including virtual and augmented reality hardware, drones, software, and content services are designed to integrate well into on-ground and in-flight systems. With function-specific AR and VR solutions, we optimize routine aerospace and aviation processes with quality and efficiency

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Expensive Aviation Training

Pilot training is a rigorous process involving years of studies and skill development. Traditional methods are inefficient at preparing pilots and ground crew for aircraft emergencies

Engineering Challenges

Aircraft design, development, maintenance, and repair are the most crucial phases demanding precise guidelines and instructions. Structural defects or installation mistakes together lead to irrevocable lose of life and resources.

Safety Concerns

Routine violations and skill-based errors are directly related to accidents and workplace injuries. Complex technical logs and maintenance manuals discourage aircraft personnel to follow guidelines attentively


RYZE Virtual Reality Headsets and Enterprise Kit

E3IQ provides wireless VR Head Mounted Display (HMD) systems and enterprise kit simplifies XR adoption for the aviation and aerospace industry. The hardware supports three-dimensional immersive VR experiences with high-resolution display to accelerate airline operations effectively

VR-driven Aviation

E3IQ reinforces in-flight and on-ground training with a gamified learning management system, AutoXR that visualizes real-life challenges virtually. It enables pilots and ground crew to rehearse, refine, and accelerate complex tasks through step-by-step guidelines and interactive 360-degree visuals

Real-time Aircraft

E3IQ’s AI-powered preventive maintenance and remote assistance software, RealXR and surveillance drone systems AirXR strengthen airline security across locations. The systems connect maintenance personnel with professionals through real-time AR-enabled video streams to reduce downtime.

Use Cases

E3iq offers implementation of XR in the military for training programs. This training may be a useful tool for the military as they can learn.


Replace expensive cockpit training setups with VR headsets for maximum knowledge retention and skill development


Reduce operational costs by creating virtual aircraft designs and demonstrations using AR and VR devices


Inspect junior staff at remote locations with E3IQ’s RealXR software to optimize ground operations effectively