AutoXR is our proprietary gamified enterprise learning management system powered by immersive XR technologies.

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Our Platform

AutoXR enables enterprises to retool workforce training with a high-impact gamified experience. It is a versatile software that can be used in desktop and VR modes to rehearse and refine critical asset handling. VR applications, 360° videos and images, videos, and PDF documents are the key formats supported by AutoXR


The platform is built with gamification at its core to transform legacy enterprise training practices. The virtual reality training software enables trainers to maximize learning with virtual environments that learners can interact with. AutoXR involves gaming elements essential for motivating trainees and improving knowledge retention capacity with integrated analytics

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AutoXR segregates the VR training process into three modules, namely learn, perform, and evaluate. Dividing the process in this manner achieves efficient workforce training outcomes with virtual step-by-step guidance to augment learning and qualification.


Step into immersive VR environments to educate trainees about standard operating procedures. AutoXR ensures that learners can implement work instructions accurately by replicating real-world settings in a virtual environment


Develop skills with haptic enabled controllers that combine natural movements and gestures in a virtual medium. AutoXR enables trainees to perform operations and evaluate knowledge retention using real-time insights from the ‘Learn’ module. It ensures that trainees can easily recall training instructions to accomplish tasks


Examine and calculate trainee efficiency to perform specific tasks within set timeframes. AutoXR accelerates reporting with automated performance metrics extracted from previous modules for accurate scoring and trainee skill evaluation. The metrics can be synced with an existing LMS or third party applications for better decision-making


AutoXR has provisions for scenario-based learning with single and multi-user training functionality to support cooperative apprenticeship. Trainee and trainer modes are available for trainers to assist trainees during VR sessions for effective training. Collaborative training mode streamlines VR training with collective participation of trainees to better understand key concepts

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AutoXR provides a browser-based enterprise content management system. Admin users and trainers can use it to manage the training curriculum as per their assigned roles to upload and delete content

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