AirXR is our surveillance drone software solution for assessing remote locations with XR Head Mounted Display (HMD) Systems. It enables HMD wearers to monitor a variety of situations with drones using immersive controls.


AirXR uses 5G connectivity to stream high-definition footage obtained from drones to VR headsets

Situation analysis with AirXR enables enterprises to make informed decisions backed by processed video feeds through cloud computing

AirXR can integrate with multiple storage platforms to further process video footage for better surveillance

Surveillance Drone AirXR


360° Inspection

AirXR’s 360° inspection capability makes surveillance an immersive and effective activity to meet critical objectives

Reduced Action Time

With real-time drone footage, operators can take timely actions during emergencies with AirXR

Precise Object Detection

Backed by computer vision algorithms, AirXR can be programmed to identify objects of interests that match specific parameters

Use Cases


Strengthening security efforts with drones powered by AirXR’s ability to stream video feeds enhanced in real-time to XR HMDs

Traffic Management

Avoiding road congestion by detecting faulty traffic movements and highlighting spots with high-density vehicular presence

Search and Rescue

Augmenting search and rescue operations in low visibility conditions with AirXR’s capacity to transmit processed drone footage over 5G

Disaster Management

Improving the efforts of disaster management crews with software that can detect disaster-affected areas and aid response

Boost surveillance
capabilities with AirXR

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