Our Purpose

We exist to reshape business operations with expansive AR/VR solutions for healthcare, education, media, military & defense, and other industries. Our mission is to assist enterprises in their endeavors to transform the workplace and consumer experiences with our virtual, augmented, and mixed reality solutions.

We lead digital transformation while preparing businesses for the Industry 4.0 revolution. Our expertise in XR technologies enables businesses to achieve greater efficiency and customer satisfaction across domains.

  • Virtual Reality (VR)

  • Mixed Reality (MR)

  • XR

Quality and loyalty are at the core of our value system. We firmly believe that as a company, our growth is directly proportional to the trust we build with our customers. We strengthen our customer’s trust by delivering quality products and services that enable them to achieve their organizational goals.


Constant learning keeps the wheels of our value system churning. With a “learning from today for a better tomorrow” motto, we strive to explore more XR innovations and applications.


Communication adds life to our moral code. We maintain an open and healthy communication channel with our customers and teammates to build impactful XR solutions

Why Choose Us?

Tap the expertise of a seasoned team of XR developers, a skilled design team, and researchers to explore new business opportunities. We are efficient at innovating and delivering immersive AR/VR experiences that match your time, cost, and value constraints.


E3IQ believes in originality and practices the same by creating our own XR applications with all patent rights reserved. The following are our patented applications.


Proprietary XR solution for training and design reviews fueled by our own powerful AI engine BotIQ.

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Real-time remote assistance, on-premise technical support, and data visualization backed by our AI engine BotIQ.

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Computer vision enabled drone that transmits real-time camera feed-based data augmentation to AR / VR HMDs.

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Power-packed hardware docking station along with VR / AR HMD that connects wirelessly to the dock.

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